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Shandong Connor Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

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2020/05/26 17:58
Shandong Connor Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. is a fitness equipment company mainly engaged in the production of commercial fitness equipment. Supply all major dealers as well as gymnasiums, fitness clubs, fitness studios, government agencies, private companies, military bases, and various customized fitness equipment. It is also a collection of manufacturing, technology research and development, sales and service. Production enterprise, the company has more than ten years of valuable industry experience in the industry R & D team, scientific and advanced production system and efficient cutting-edge management team, the company was set up at the beginning of the establishment of the international high-end fitness equipment brand as the development goal. Focusing on the production, design and research and development of indoor commercial strength fitness equipment and aerobic equipment, we will create competitive products and services with humanized design, humanized management and humanized management. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, Shandong Connor Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. will continue to put on the "people-oriented" fitness concept, put it into action and work details, and strive to provide safe and effective fitness products, let everyone in fitness In sports, fully enjoy a healthy life.
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