What are the benefits of fitness?


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What are the benefits of fitness?

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2018/11/13 14:35
The benefits of fitness are as follows :
First , fitness long-distance running can improve the respiratory system and cardiovascular system function scientifically proven, long-term rhythmic deep breathing, can make the body breathe a lot of oxygen if the amount of oxygen absorbed more than 7-8 time, it can inhibit the human body The growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Secondly, the long-distance running exercise also improved the myocardial oxygen supply state, accelerated the myocardial metabolism, and also made the myocardial muscle fibers thicker and the heart contractility increase, thereby improving the heart's working abilit.
Second , fitness long-distance running is conducive to disease prevention and treatment. Fitness long-distance running makes the blood circulation faster, and plays a role in cleaning the harmful substances in the excretory system, so that harmful substances are difficult to stay and spread in the body. According to the measurement , running 3,000 meters in 16 minutes or 5,000 meters in 25 minutes can reduce blood cholesterol.  This is prone to different degrees of hyperlipidemia in the elderly, which in turn has a good preventive effect on arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease.
Third, fitness long-distance running is conducive to a comfortable mood, happy spirit This long-distance running because it does not pay attention to the outcome of the game, only to be relaxed and happy fitness, it is  very  beneficial to  ease the mental and psychological tension brought by the high rhythm and intense sports in modern society. According to medical experts , this kind of relaxed and happy exercise  can promote the release of a  polypeptide substance, endorphin,  in the body,  thus giving people a sustained euphoria and calming effect . In addition , because  long-distance  running  makes people feel full and optimistic , it helps to increase appetite, strengthen digestion and promote nutrient absorption.
Long-distance running has a good effect on  cultivating people's tenacious will  to  overcome  difficulties and temper hard work. Especially for those who are afraid of cold sleep in winter and do not want to exercise , so that  they  can taste the benefits of fitness long-distance running .
Fourth, healthy long-distance running needs to pay attention to the speed of speed  , try to maintain the speed that can be adapted to your body  , avoid too fast and long-distance running , especially if you don't run often , the first time may be sore in the hands and feet the next day , because of the lactic acid produced by strenuous  exercise  Caused .

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