The benefits of women's fitness


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The benefits of women's fitness

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2018/11/13 14:37
Fitness is good for everyone. But for women, the benefits of fitness are not only in reducing fat and shaping the system , but also on the body, especially anaerobic exercise . Aerobic exercise does enhance the heart's cardiopulmonary function and blood circulation. Moderate sweating can also help our face's skin metabolize dirt. And anaerobic exercise is the main helper for shaping
Benefit 1 : Prevent osteoporosis
It has been reported that the incidence of osteoporosis in women from middle to middle age is much higher than that in men. Because most girls are less active than boys, and women experience menopause in middle age,  the incidence of osteoporosis is higher than that of men. If women pay attention to fitness training when they are young, it will increase bone density, strengthen bones,  avoid bone disease from childhood, and effectively prevent osteoporosis, allowing women to stay away from activities after middle age. Limited troubles.
Benefit 2 : Shaping
Many people know that muscle density is higher than fat, while muscles of the same weight and fat of the same weight are much smaller than fat than muscle . Enhanced weight training will be our muscle enhancement, and muscle is the second most important part of the body to store the basal metabolic rate, so as long as  the  muscle content increases,  the basal metabolic rate can more metabolize the calories you consume, you can reach The level of "can not lose weight can also be slim ".
Benefit 3 : Improve body balance
Nowadays, there are more and more people who like to stay indoors, and long-term sedentary and not going out will make our gluteal muscles and  erector spinae atrophy. This situation will not only cause us to lose shape ,  but also reduce the balance of the body. The fitness strength training can strengthen the muscles, so that the muscles can support the human body  for  daily  activities , and  the  body  structure is firmer .This  coordination and balance will also increase as a result of exercise.

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